Saturday, 23 May 2009


This is maybe the quickest update I have ever done. I just read Robert's Fisk article about Egypt, Cairo, Mubarak, etc ... and I found a sentence that can serve as a very precise description of how I feel about Egypt and Cairo:
"the best thing about Cairo is an aircraft with a cedar tree painted on the tail flying to Lebanon"
yup he said that...damn it is like he knows exactly how I feel (apologies to my few Egyptian friends if you are reading this...but the months I spent in Cairo in 2006 were very far away from being enjoyable!)

Friday, 22 May 2009


For as long as I can remember, I have always loved smart quotes ... I have loads of favorites.
Maybe I should share some
The first I want to share is cut out of sentence but it is still self-contained; though I am not 100% supportive of the context it came in - just 98% coz I think Ziad is one of the smartest people ever:
لازم كلّنا، نحنا عجايب هيدا الشرق الحزين، نقوم ننضبّ... تعو ننضبّ، أشرفلنا واللهِ... هلّق وين بدنا ننضبّ كلّنا ما عم بقدر أعرف
زياد الرحباني
I found it expressive of my opinion on the division of Lebanese people ...


Apparently, I was one of the indirect reasons of this article