Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cooking your own food

well,i knew this was gonna happen one day or another! the looking back and regretting my total lack of experience in cooking (& the fact that i wasn't willing to place a foot in the kitchen either) ... it is a good thing though that I still have a few days in lebanon that I can make use of by making my mom dictate some cooking notes!
i cooked 'loubyi' yesterday, of eight family members only my mum and my uncle had the guts to taste it (i didn't cook the rice;i left that task to chef souad - my mum :p ) ... they said it tasted good ... i tasted it too but i wouldnt yet trust my taste buds to dare & inform me my cooking was bad ... i am sure they would be shy ...i think that one time after another they would gather some courage to demand that i throw the contents of the pot in the trash can & order a delivery from domino's pizza :Din addition to my mum, my friend shirine emailed me & gave me some recipes, my cousin suggested a few recipes ... so i am armed & prepared for the world of kitchen .... i will definitely add new posts at my early cooking stages - just because my sense of humour allows me to laugh at myself and invite others to do that too :P
stay updated on any cooking posts :D


imad said...
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imad said...

heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...
well my opinion u will not need baddik t2adiya naweshif... ya3neh jibneh wo tomato and cucunber, labneh if u found
hardees & burger king is a great part of the kitchen too
wo rikkeh 3al ma2aleh very easy, just put oil wo 2i2leh wo ba3ed el 2aleh kif ma kabbayteh mayonaise and barbcue sauce byimshe el 7al.
I can provide some salad receipe.
goodluck Mano :-)

Amunt85 said...

"hardees & burger king" w "wo rikkeh 3al ma2aleh "
baddak yeni 2erja3 wazni 250 Kg 3ala lebnen? hehehe

Gassia said...

Iman! words are NOT enough! we want to see pictures!!!
and why not live video :)

noura said...

Imano i trust your sense of cooking because i tried it with the rkakat w keno ktir tayybeen (ma3 inno ma baddon ktir bas its a good start) and once u try cooking alone u will get used w ra7
tirga3i mosh bas ma3ik masters bl AI w kamein bl cooking (w bitseeri tse3dini kamein bas hai khalliya bayni w baynik :P:P:P hehehe)