Tuesday, 16 September 2008

First Post

Finally, no?
I've been talking about creating a blog for the past month. I woke up today & headed directly to the laptop to create one bcz today is my LAST tuesday in Lebanon -- & now I am wondering if there will be 7-last-(insert day of the week here)-in-Lebanon blogs :p
so, how does it feel...: a lot of mixed emotions, some are intense and many which I will be able to identify later.
anyways, i don't want to write everything down in my first post; so keep coming back for more :D


Gassia said...

Loved your blog, was touched by the words you had written! but you also made me smile :)
i know that you are having mixed emotions about traveling: SAD because you will be away from your lovely friends, HAPPY because you will learn and experience new stuff.

May God guide you and keep you safe in every step that you take!

Rami KIWAN said...

Dear Iman,
I would like to tell you that our "beautiful" country, i.e. Lebanon as I think, is going through a period of deep, complex and opponent emotions at once.
Why? Good question...
Your travel can be a negative and a positive element for it (i.e. Lebanon).
Negative, because it will lose one of its bright brains (brain drain)!
Positive, simply because this brain is actually you!!!!!!

Love you my friend and wish you all the best...