Friday, 30 January 2009

Fire Alarm at 3:33 A.M.

:@ :@ :@ ... for the fourth time the reckless residents set the alarm off AND there was actually NO fire ... how you ask! by smoking (possibly weed) indoors ... they had returned (obviously dunk) from a party at 3:33 A.M. and walked into their flat smoking and ...
that set the fire alarm off at 3:33 A.M, have I mentioned it was at 3:33 in the morning? and have I mentioned it was the second night after my exams that I was actually gonna get a decent night sleep; and did I mention I WAS SLEEEEEEEEPING AT 3:33 A fudging M .......can you imagine anything more inconvenient? and it is not an alarm you can ignore; they make it so loud that you have to go outside (in the freezing COLD) or else you would get deaf inside

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