Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A special post for Gassia

Gassia, you commented "ages ago" that you want to see pictures of my cooking
And because you are the sweetest person ever, I can't not comply and I will show you pictures
But since I don't want to appear as a complete kitchen-idiot :P I have taken pictures of a successful meal and a not-so-successful meal :P
Without further ado

1. Loubyi B Zeit: (the not-so-successful meal *sigh)
Step 1: 2alli l basal

Step 2: actually step 0 :P nassli l loubyi w hressi l banadoura w de22i l toom, bas ana ma 3andi mda22et toom so barashton ;)

Step 3: double check the recipe Mom gave me LOL

Step 4: missing, tenseef l loubyi w hek ... bas haidi picture la Step 5 (or later?) lama sar kil shi bel tanjra

Step 'final': 7adan talab SHOURBET LOUBYI? hahahahahaha I think inno katartella mayy kter

2. Yakhnet Bazilla
(the successful one)
Step 1: 2alli l la7mi

Step 2: kamen actually Step 0 :P

Step 3: See above :P

Step 4: 2alli l basal b mar2et l la7mi

Step 5: missing LOL honi kenet 3am 7ott sauce banadoura

Step 'during the cooking': check on the tabkha

Step 'before last': taffi l nar ta7et l tabkha w ntebhi ino jawayti l deni :P

Step 'final': yummmi betshahhi .... alf sa77a

I hope you enjoyed
KISSES to you :)


Gassia said...

Shou hayda ya Iman!
you have done it Perfectly WELL!
the pictures, with the comments are AMAZING! i couldn't stop laughing!

thanks dear for doing all this for me, you really made me happy! knowing that even in England there's someone thinking about me and loving me so much.

wish i can travel to you and do crazy stuff JUST the girls, yalla Soha won't you come with me???

Amunt85 said...

LOL, I am happy I made you laugh :)
YALLA come here with Souha so we can do crazy stuff ... I miss you girls so much (k)