Tuesday, 28 July 2009

True Joke :)

From RD website:

When he received a journal as a gift, my eight-year-old son was mystified. "Mom, what am I supposed to do with this? The pages are blank."

"You write down interesting stuff that happens to you," I said.

"So it's like a blog … on paper."

wow how technology changed our perspectives on things ...


LifeGeeked said...

can i make this on lifegeeked ?

Amunt85 said...

I think it may be copyrighted to Reader's Digest ... I read it here: http://www.rd.com/clean-jokes-and-laughs/on-paper-joke/article156032.html
I think you can still use it & reference them :)

LifeGeeked said...

ohh ok
well i don't like to re-do jokes :P
but it was a cool one :D