Friday, 2 October 2009


Hello World!
Actually, make that Hello My Friends :P
OK, so I am BACK lol, MSc dissertation submitted and bag being packed for my return to Beirut woooohhhhooooooooooo :D :D :D :D , maybe you can't tell, but I am excited :P
so, what have I been up to, LOADS of things since my last proper post about me, and so I will be writing about some of these stuff, they will be old & you may already know them; but what the heck, I will write anyway :P
so, CAN'T EFFING WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL BACK IN BEIRUT (and other Lebanese cities lol) :D
yalla za7to :P I will start updating bit by bit :)


mir said...

so you back to lebanon ? for good ? for vacation ?
Want me to show you around :P ?

Amunt85 said...

ndabbi M!R, i don't need any1 to show me around :P, tho i am really scared about crossing the roads & driving in leb again bcz cars here drive on the left & drivers set on the right (WTF!!)
i am going back for a three week vacation* then coming back here :D

*a lebanese vacation typically contains a lot of days when you are forced by your parents to go visit most of your extended family against your will when you prefer to be out partying with your friends :P

M!R said...

get ready for labneh and tabouleh time then !

Enjoy the stay :D

I can always give u link to that software that can call u at scheduled time and u pretend that something important really happened..but i guess u won't need my help either

Amunt85 said...

omg, i can't wait to have Lebanese food again - fattoush & kebbe are top on my list! (i have been draining labneh from greek yougurt & making tabbouleh myself ;) &i have proof
the link sounds cool...u think people would believe me if i do that since i m on vacation lol?
btw, i know we r complete strangers, but if u r free we can meet up for a cup of coffee - i only have one rule: mamnou3 l 7aki bel siyesi ... let me know :)

mir said...

ammmaaaa... you did cook tabouleh !
leik l girbeh shu bti3mol !
hah !
it will be a good vacation then
get ready to fill up with tabouleh,labneh,hommos,arak,masheweh,mezzah,mjaddra...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

and do i look like someone who would talk politics ?
tsuk tsuk tsuk

if u want to,i'd be glad :)

mir said...

I am supposed to za7et, but wein saret l update ?
( u are the first blogger i read who says za7to to his readers :P )

Amunt85 said...

heheheheheheh :) i am, shu ra2yek ndareja mooda? inno ne7na l bloggers na3mol ino we dont care about the readers & we tell them ino yza7to lol
and yes, unfortunately i am super lazy & havent been updating anything...for shame, there are loads of things that i would love to update tho, oh the guilt
be patient ... it should happen soon :)

mir said...

it should happen soon , i heard this excuse before !

i demand my rights as a loyal blog reader.. i will not be called "za7teh" w hein , i demand respect ! otherwise.. hmm otherwise... i am starting a blog war on you !

Amunt85 said...

oh nooooooooooooo
ok ok bes7aba (only for u, everyone else can 'za77et' all they want *haha)
so plz don't start a blog war on me bcz u would totally kick my ass!!
there - happy now?
lol :D