Thursday, 10 December 2009

More Execuses

So, I promised to update this thing and I didn't
Promises should be kept
but like, whatever
I have been busy people
I kinda like have opposite feelings...on the one hand I really really really want to talk all about what I have done. On the other, it is too much to talk about and I can't bring myself to even write one post
What to do, what to do, what to do?
Anyhoo, let's talk about what will happen next: I graduate on December 17th NEXT THURSDAY woohoo, so excited about it :D
Also, we may go to Winchester this weekend (we went to Portsmouth 2 weekends ago)
AND, there will be another flash mob & this should ROCK!!
Stay tuned, or not ... it's not like this thing is not dead anyway lol
(& a special word to my favorite geekette: za7ti :P - kidding kidding)


Anonymous said...

i know that feeling when there is not much and none to write about at the same time :)

btw, just discovered your blog, amazing posts , simply they are
Everrrrr !

your secret ANONYMOUS followerette !

Amunt85 said...

anonymous, thank you - i guess

Anonymous said...

hahahahah anonymous hopes that you keep the z.a.h.t.e.e :P

( zeuh awesomest hottest talkative entries ever :P )

Amunt85 said...

hahaha, i would love to keep the z.a.h.t.e.e - tho i fear that a certain geekette may make me regret it, hmm what to do? what to do?
so khalas, darajneha mooda ino nkhalli l reader yza7to? ;)