Thursday, 17 December 2009


So, I woke up today thinking how much easier guys have it, they don't have to go through the whole hair, makeup, tights, skirts, high-heel, etc misery...Ezgi was ready in 10 minutes, I needed 1 and a half hours! But once it is done, it feels great (here is where I get girly lol) so yes, my hair is straightened & I am wearing proper makeup :D I love special occasions and this one was lovely :) I am now officially an MSc graduate :D
The ceremony was not like any I have previously attended. I am used to speeches followed by speeches followed by more speeches lol. During my high school graduation, I had to sit through three speeches and luckily for us our principal substituted the fourth with a tenor who performed about 5 songs, awesome. I didn't attend my AUB graduation. During Lara's graduation I also had to sit through speeches by AUB's President, the class valedictorian, and the guest of honor - each followed by its translated Arabic version, talk about a LONG ceremony! Student then would be called one by one and be handed their diplomas.
Today, no diplomas were handed out. The head of the department asked the chancellor if he would award us with our degree and the chancellor answered that he would. Our names were called, we held the chancellor's hands, he asked us each a couple of questions and then we walked back to our seats. Then he gave a short speech. And that was it! Short & Quick!

Oh and by the way, during my next graduation, I will be wearing a silly mushroom shaped hat :D the kind of silly that I am looking forward to it :)


Lilac said...

ahhh :D congratulations dear :D this is awesome.. it seems to be cool and more time for fun at the graduation.. instead of having it the lebanese way... speech, speech, speech lol.. what can i say! lebaneseee:P

Amunt85 said...

thanks! :)
yes, my brother was very appreciative of the fact that the ceremony was short - just 45 mins & he didnt have to sit thru a lot of speeches
i, on the other hand, was also appreciative that my hair & makeup were not ruined for the pics after the ceremony (can u imagine if the ceremony were longer that my hair & makeup would be ruined :P) LOL