Saturday, 22 November 2008

STUPID English Taps

Taps come in all shapes, sizes, and forms....English taps also come in all shapes, sizes, & forms...except that they have an extra feature which is that they are STUPID!

You see, they come in two seperate taps:a cold tap & a hot tap....VERY COLD water comes out of the cold tap and VERY HOT water comes out of the hot one!! You can imagine brushing ur teeth or washing your face or just washing your hands & imagine having to jump your hands from under the cold to under the hot to under the cold again ....and it is not just in my bathroom .... they are all over the place....i went thru the hassle of taking pictures around campus, in coffeeshops, restuarants, etc just to prove my point!
The stupidest tap I ever saw is the tap in our kitchen .. we dont have two taps...we only have one tap....however the cold water comes from the front and the hot water comes out from the back!!!! And the big secret is that: THERE ARE TWO PIPES in that friend Peter expressed it best by saying: i khate (he is Polish, he meant "hate") English taps; they are so stupid, it is even kharder ("harder") fitting two pipes in one tap that it is to just fit one!!!!

The attached pictures are: taps in my bathroom - kitchen tap (cold) - kitchen tap (hot) - and kitchen tap (THE SECRET)

Hope you enjoyed :P

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