Monday, 23 February 2009

For the Love of Cinnamon - and THE Cinnamon Girl!

Gassia Anoushig,

I have prepared a video for you. It features Sheena making Cinnamon Rolls! I can imagine you laughing while watching it, and I know you will want to make Cinnamon Rolls once you've seen it (which is actually the whole point of me making this video in the first place :P).
Enjoy it (with high volume)


Later Entry: after I posted it, I played it and it had really bad resolution :( I dunno why, it has good resolution locally on my laptop.


Gassia said...

You made me cry Mano:( i can't believe how much people like you LOVE ME sooo much that they go through ALL THESE for me to smile :)
bannout! i can't believe you did this for me! and what about the background song you displayed "El helwa dee... koukou koukou" how did you know i LOVED that song???

akhh menik akhh! the video WAS AMAZING! the fonts AND colors you used were MY FAVORITE. bannout............... you made me CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

after my experience, i saw how much my friend love me like CRAZY.


thank you Shela for the hard work! waiting for the icing :P

noura said...

Yummmmmmmmiiiiiii ktir shakla tayybi ma3 inno i dont like cinnamon but i guess if u put chocolate it will be verrryyy yummmy tooo
sahtein habboulati u will be a great chef one day :P:P:P