Tuesday, 3 February 2009

When All Else Fails, Go to Bournemouth!

Sunday Feb 1st, 2009:
We missed the bus!! Oh, No! But hey, we can always hop on the next train going anywhere!

Two days earlier my friends and I held a very important meeting in my room, we were deciding where we wanted to go on Sunday :P lol. No seriously, we considered a few choices and then decided to go to Bath. We checked the attractions online, and we printed the bus and train schedules, and we agreed to meet at 9:00 A.M. outside Glen Eyre to catch the bus to the train station and then on to Bath.
Sunday morning: Sheena, Verena, and I missed the bus LOL. Sheena and I were all ready even before 9, we thought we would wait for a few minutes before going together and suddenly Peter came knocking on our door urging us to run as the bus was due to arrive (apparently we lost track of time and stayed in for a little longer than we had intended to). So, we ran outside but we missed the bus by just one minute. Oh, No!
But, Verena wasn't there. She had overslept. The reason for that was her alarm didn't go off. She had set it on the proper time but it rang one hour earlier. Her alarm is German and though she tries to put it one hour behind; the very-German clock keeps adjusting itself to the proper German time! So, Verena woke up an hour earlier and decided to re-set the alarm to an hour later but the alarm never went off again!
So, we were standing there looking at each others discussing what to do next and someone said let's go to the station and check when the next train leaves to Bath, Sheena and Peter said that it would be two hours before the next one, and so I suggested that we can hop on the next train going anywhere!
So, we went to the station and sure enough there were trains going to Bath every two hours. We looked at the train schedules and there were trains going to Reading and to Bournemouth. Peter went to ask the salesperson which choice is better and he was told that there was nothing in Reading and that we would be better off going to Bournemouth. So, we bought tickets to Bournemouth and went there :)
We got there and walked to the tourists information office where we were told that there was an Oceanarium (yeey :D !) there. We took a map and decided to walk there. The street that led from the station to the Oceanarium was named Bath road! There was also a hotel named Bath! (signs :P) LOL
We got to the Oceanarium which was next to the beach. I was very pleased because I miss the sea. Back home I used to see the sea every day. Also, one of the reasons why I chose to come to Southampton was because it was on the sea-side. But, I rarely go to the sea-side and there isn't even a beach here! Anyways, we took some pictures and went in the Oceanarium. It was lovely and I took loads of pictures especially of weird fish like the razor fish and the transparent fish. I was thinking about Yasmin most of the time knowing that she will enjoy the pictures once I post them on Facebook.
We then had lunch and some rest and then decided to walk to the City Center. We passed through a park where there was a bird aviary. Again we acted all touristy and took loads of pictures. We continued our walk to City Center where it started snowing so it was nice. We finished our tourism-round :P and then decided to walk back to the station and back home.
So, that was it for that weekend. It was fun forgetting all about coursework and exams for two whole days :)

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