Saturday, 7 February 2009

Organizing an ECSWomen Event

Prof Dame Wendy Hall is a going to give a talk and I am co-organizing the event

Prof Wendy Hall was head of the school of Electronics and Computer Science from 2002 to 2007. She also chaired the British Computer Society in 2003/2004.
She was recently elected President of the Association of Computing Machinery for the 2008-2010 term.
And because of her achievements and contributions to science and technology, she was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

So, after all that intro about Wendy; now comes the reason for my blog post. She is going to give a talk about Web Science Research (and possibly about Semantic Web) on Monday and I am co-organizing the talk. The talk is from 12 - 2 P.M. Too bad I can't attend it all as I have a class from 12 - 1 *doh.
Organizing a talk is not at all challenging - once you have a speaker lol. Reena, the past chair of ECSWomen, asked Wendy to give a talk that would be organized by ECSWomen. Wendy is/was Reena's PhD supervisor so all Reena had to do was nag Wendy a bit and we had our speaker ;)
Because Reena and Kate had been organizing most of the ECSWomen events, they wanted other people on the committee to volunteer and organize this event. Pinky and I volunteered. Pinky is a first-year Computer Science student from Romania. Her real name is obviously not Pinky; it is Raluca. But she loves pink, has to have something pink on her, has pink hair highlights, and loves being called Pinky; so we all call her Pinky. She reminds me of myself - a much nicer, sweeter, pinkier self though lol.
Pinky and I met a few times and took care of everything. We produced a poster for the event:

We also took care of organizing most the advertising stuff, like creating a facebook event and emailing everyone about the event. And we also took care of SHOPPING! We went shopping today and discovered that the budget we had was a bit tight, ONLY £20 lol. We bought crips (a.k.a chips for anyone who doesn't live in the UK), muffins, shortbread cakes, juice, and plastic cups and plates. Tomorrow we will meet before the talk to hang up posters that Joyce, the Marketing Manager in ECS, had prepared for another event that ECS organized to celebrate Wendy's "Damehood". Joyce offered that we hang the lovely posters because it would make Wendy happy.
Everything is all set and ready so all is needed now is a good turnout of attendees and we can call it a successful event.

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