Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April: My favorite and least favorite month of all!

I love April. It is the month Mother Nature gets in the mood of flowering and blossoming and becoming green again. I love the combination of cold wind and warm sun. It is not too cold and not too hot.
But, I also hate April ... most bad things happen in April ! (OK maybe I didn't calculate all bad things and produced a statistical analysis of what month has the most bad things - that would have been TOOOOOO geeky :P; but for me, April has a lot of bad memories and bad anniversaries!)
April Fool's
My Birthday - love it for the gifts; hate it for that number which increments by one every April 2nd :P; by the way I am turning 21 this year *ehem *ehem (in addition to what Sheena calls very 'few years of experience' in being 21 LOL)
My mom's cousin "died"
Titanic Sank
Hisham got into his deadly accident
(Third) Lebanese civil war started (officially) on 13th April 1975
1996 Israeli invasion of Lebanon - Operation Grapes of Wrath - and Qana massacre
(I am sure I have forgotten some events as well :P, and even if I haven't those listed above are all very tragic; apart from April Fool's :P)

Also it is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the U.S. - COME ON PEOPLE!

But I am also happy for two of my friends Reem and Noura who are getting married on the 8th and 7th of April :)

Later Edit: I just remembered that Chernobyl disaster also took place in April; it is claimed to be the costliest accident in history! There you go folks ... :P

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