Saturday, 18 April 2009

More Quick Updates

Badr came to Southampton on Sunday April 5th. We wanted to tour around but discovered that Southampton has absolutely nothing to offer tourists, apart from a couple of museums. But it was fun having him around and getting to know the place. He went back to Jeddah on the 15th after having spent a whole month here.
The last two weeks of Easter vacation passed by so so quickly with me not doing much progress on my coursework :( For around 10 days I was homesick all the time that I couldn't focus properly on what I was doing. Also, I was sad discovering that each funding opportunity I was thinking of is only available to UK/EU students. I love my country so much but sometimes it sucks not having support from your government or proper institutions.
We finally started our group meetings for our group projects two days ago but we have loads of work to do. Classes start on Monday!!!!!!
I got my final exams schedule and I have my three final exams on three consecutive days - which actually makes me more stressed out though I am sure I would love it once I am done. I really want to go to Lebanon after semester 2 but I don't want to go till after the elections are over; though if I wait till after the elections are over I may not be able to go; so I don't know what to do .. all I know is that I really miss everything and everyone.

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noura said...

Be strong ya binit & focus on your exams and projects
we really want to see you this summer Duhhhh!!!