Saturday, 23 January 2010

Christmas Long Weekend - Part I

So...let me try to update this thingy

Christmas long weekend - Part I: Thursday December 24th
Karen, Bassam, Bassam's flatmate Yorgos, and I went to the Cowherds for Christmas dinner. Bassam, Yorgos, and I took the bus together and were there at 7:15 p.m. Karen was supposed to join us at 7:30 but being ever-so-fashionably-late-a-la-Libanaise she arrived there at 8:30, just after the waitress came to our table and told us that she had to start serving our food since we were the last table and the kitchen needed to close (ya, restaurant kitchens close VERY early in this country and it becomes ridiculous during vacations!).
We had a lovely time

and the food was very nice
Almost near the end, I started playing with the candle that was on our table

which then improvised Bassam to take this pic

(my current facebook profile pic)

We then headed home, but we first passed by my friend Moody to borrow a mattress from him for Karen to use. She was gonna sleepover at mine. We were planning on having a Lebanese breakfast of Manakeesh and a Lebanese dinner and because there were no buses on Christmas Eve nor on Christmas Day NOR on boxing day (we were also planning to go shopping on the 26th) we thought it would make her life a lot easier - not to mention cheaper and taxi-fares-free - if she slept over at mine. The guys of course had to carry the mattress to my place:
(don't let their looks fool you, they were definitely not being tortured by carrying this thing :P LOL)

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