Tuesday, 26 January 2010


funny pictures

Ironically, this expresses my feelings much more than any facebook group does - I've been bitching about this on twitter today: how does joining a group help the victims of the crash or their families? I understand if a group was created to raise funds - like Haiti groups - though most of the people I know would just join the group and not donate money. I understand if the purpose of joining a group is to raise awareness to a certain issue or cause - like breast cancer or women rights - or to bring attention to some man-made injustice - like objecting the war on Iraq or the siege on Gaza. But, how does a - or NINE (so far) - R.I.P. group help?

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Justin Ericson said...

Well, it's like those groups, "When you donate $50 or more, you will receive a free calendar." Think about it, it costs money to put that calendar or that item together, it isn't free, right? Hahah, it baffles me and I totally agree with you for the Facebook thing!