Sunday, 24 January 2010

Christmas Long Weekend - Part III

Christmas long weekend - Part III: Saturday and Sunday December 26th-27th

Karen and I were looking forward to the shopping on Boxing Day experience because we had heard so much about people fighting over clothes but have never been in such situations!
We woke up shortly after 8 a.m. Karen thought that we won't have time to have coffee but me being me - as in a person whose crankiness level drops only as a result of caffeine levels in the blood rising - I made coffee. We did have to down our coffee while getting dressed. We then rushed out where a taxi - and Bassam and Yorgos - was waiting.
We first stopped by Karen's place so she can drop her stuff off. Then we went to the mall. We spent around 7 hours there and by the time we went back home I was completely shattered.
I bought some stuff that I needed like 4 tops, brown boots, brown purse, and a black scarf :).
Karen wasn't as lucky. She had her eyes on some clothes at H&M but she was disappointed that they weren't on sale. (I did send her this link of an article which reported about an H&M in New York that ripped and threw away clothes that were not sold INSTEAD OF GIVING THEM AWAY TO POOR PEOPLE!!!) Karen did buy a pretty black pair of shoes :)

On Sunday, I met Karen alone back in the mall. We did some shopping but weren't as lucky as the day before. We thought there were more people that the day before :S. Also, I forgot my debit card in one shop and didn't realize it until I had to buy a t-shirt from another shop. At first, I thought I had lost it, then we decided to go back to that other shop and thankfully the cashier had put it away.

And that is it for the Christmas long weekend - I think, it did happen almost a month ago so that's what I remember of it :)

P.S: I just remembered that I didn't end the last two post with my new signature 'Za7to'
So, to make it up to the "Anonymous" commenter, here's a triple dose:
Yalla Za7to

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