Friday, 19 December 2008

Changes & من عاشر قوماً أربعين يوماً

An Arabic proverb states that if someone lives amongst a group of people for 40 days he becomes one of them ... or he would leave them because he couldn't adapt ...
I have been living here for almost three months now and so I think it is time for me to write down some of the changes that I have been going through

1) Biggest and most important change: swearing! I never sweared in public before (except if I am really angry and only my close friends are around). It is not lady-like in my country and people would be insulted if someone swears around them. Guys swear but never in front of girls - out of respect to the girls present. My brothers don't swear in front of me and one of them uses the word fudge instead of fuck when needed. Fuck is a very expressive word and I have been using it a lot recently. There were also some times when the word fuck can be heard more than a few times in sentences coming out of my mouth, for example (please go to point 2 if you would feel insulted from reading the examples :P):
oh, for fuck's sake
The fucking broken laptop screen will cost me 100 fucking pounds to replace
I have to fucking finish 5 fucking assignments in the Christmas vacation - that is only 3 fucking weeks; and i haven't done fuckall
Well, you get the point (i am having second thoughts on publishing that now out of respect for the people at home hehehe)

2) Second most important change: my accent! I have officially lost my beautiful American-like accent and I speak more like the British now - wait make that like the Bri'ish now. OK, so I can't yet be mistaken for an English but the changes to my accent are noticeable to everyone and to me as well. My flatmate Sheena commented on this change by saying "At least now you're speaking proper English" hehehe
I am also using some British English words now, the most common of which are: cheers (an informal Thank you), ini' (= isn't it), quid (=pounds), ... I wonder when I will stop saying elevator and start saying lift instead hehehe ;)
Again, من عاشرقوما اربعين يوما صارت لهجته مثل لهجتهم :p

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