Friday, 12 December 2008

Salty hands = ايدي مالحة

Lebanese describe a person who breaks everything he touches as having 'salty hands'. My hands have been very salty recently!
The screen of my laptop broke ... must be replaced
Zippers on two of my jackets broke ... must be replaced
The zipper of my laptop bag broke ... must be replaced
Buttons have been falling off my clothes ... i sewed one back on my jeans, one back on a jacket, and still need to sew one back on my coat
My gloves have torn threads in them - and yes they are new!
Dropped water and juice (lost count of the number of times) on my desk, table, floor, etc ... thankfully i use plastic cups :$

Lost my cell phone three times in one day!

A streak of bad luck ... don't you think?

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noura said...

AS if is this something new to you?????????????