Sunday, 28 December 2008

Mass Murders - Applauded!

Air strikes, do you know what they are?
Have you ever heard one?
Have you ever smelled the air after massive helicopter missile attacks?
Have you ever seen a military tank - up close and personal?
I have - they are cruel, brutal, scary, and scarring for life.
They didn't kill me nor killed a relative or family member. I was lucky.
Others are not. Israeli air strikes and tanks have killed thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese and are now murdering hundreds in the Gaza strip.
And, they always come with an extra flavour, they are always applauded and supported by the US government - amongst others. The US and Israeli media propaganda always portrays them as the final solution against Lebanese and Palestinian injustice and uncontrolled attacks on helpless defenseless Israel. The media propaganda always claims that "Israel does not deliberately target civilians".
Lies in your faces and everybody else's.
It is ALWAYS the civilians.
It is always the un-armed men, women, and CHILDREN. It is always someone's little boy or baby girl.
Have you ever heard of - or seen - Nour, the 4-day-old baby whose body -without a head - was shown all over the news brutally murdered along with 102 people, mostly women and children; killed by Israeli air strikes after taking refuge in a United Nations headquarters in Qana on April 18, 1996.
Have you heard the
hundreds of similar other stories?
The King David Massacre
, The Massacre at Dair Yasin, The Dahmash Mosque Massacre, The Dawayma Massacre, the second Qana Massacre (as if the first wasn't enough), and others too numerous to count or list! Too shocking and painful to describe!
Back to Gaza. In 1956, 60 civilians were murdered in the Gaza massacre.
What about today?
What about the 1.5 million people under siege for a couple of years now?
No fuel, no medication, no food, no fresh water ... nothing.
People are starving and children are dying. Some are even eating grass to survive.
What about the 300+ civilians killed in the past two days?

Have you ever watched Saw and admired the
ingenuity of the master mind? I bet you never thought people like that exist in real life. I bet you thought that character was a figment of an author's mind. I bet you assured yourself that no one exists with such inhumanity and capability of playing with other people's lives and ending it for their own amusement or benefit.
I bet you are wrong because you never read about the stories of tortured prisoners. The lives of the Palestinians as cheap as the lives of the people tortured and murdered in Saw.
The Israeli civilians think that the Palestinians deserve it. Some even say that today's Gaza massacre is "fantastic" !!!!
There is one huge difference between Saw victims and the Palestinians, the Palestinians did nothing to deserve this in the first place. All their crime was that their parents and grandparents were living in the land of Palestine and they owned homes there.
Whenever Israel needed a new piece of land, some ready-built houses, or some farm lands it would invade the villages and cities, murder the Palestinians, and take away their property.
And if the Palestinians dared to try and defend themselves, Israel becomes the victims of Palestinian military attacks.
Do Palestinians have helicopters? No ... Israel does.
Do Palestinians have tanks? No ... Israel does.
Do Palestinians have a huge network of Political leaders, access to American taxpayers money, and all the newest war weapons? No ... Israel does

Next time you watch Saw keep in mind that it is happening on a large scale in a small country where Palestinians are being liquidated.

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