Friday, 26 December 2008

Cinnamon-Bread House

Thursday Dec 25th: Sheena had been looking forward for Christmas Dinner for a long time now. She had decided that she wants to bake a Cinnamon-Bread House for Christmas for a while as well. I was also very excited about the idea because I have never seen anyone make a cake-house before. Sheena and Lindley cooked their Christmas Dinner and I cooked mine (oven-cooked chicken breasts and potatoes and if you must know I think I added some un-needed extra lemon juice :P lol). We all had dinner together with Arabic music playing from my laptop. Sheena loves listening to Arabic music but Lindley wasn't as impressed. Then it was finally time to put the dough in the oven and prepare the icing. The dough was baked in no time but the icing took at least half an hour of mixing (electric mixer) before it was ready to act as the glue of the house.
Lindley held the pieces together and Sheena applied icing between the 'walls' of the house to stick it together - and I was the designated camera-person. You could tell I had never seen anyone attempt to build a cake-house before - possibly because I took a little more than seventy pictures LOL. The house wouldn't stand still even though Sheena was very generous with icing - a bit too generous as she also iced Lindley's hand, the dining table, and the kitchen floor hehehe. It did stand short enough for us to take more pictures. We also decorated its surrounding, we made a garden using sugar candy and the fence using finger chocolate. Soon enough the house collapsed so we started eating it and it was GOOD! I think Sheena is a talented baker- so does she ;) she even joked that she wants to name her children Cinnamon Roll and Moldy Bread - or maybe it wasn't a joke :D


Gassia said...

I WANNA see picturessss :(
next time, i want to be present too; when are you coming back to Beirut so that you do one for me????
but for sure i'll cover the tables, floors and EVERYWHERE with newspapers so that you won't fill it with icing :)

Amunt85 said...

The pictures are on facebook but maybe you can't access them, so I will save them and upload them here :)
hahaha, when I go back to Beirut I promise we shall make it together BUT I think you should also cover the ceiling LOL