Saturday, 13 December 2008

ECSWomen Birthday Dinner

ECSWomen is a committee that was founded last year aiming to support women in the School of Electronics and Computer Science (in the uni of Southampton of course).
We are nine committee members this year and we have organized some activities directed to supporting women in their careers in technology - or just to have fun :D
Our latest activity was our birthday dinner. When the event was first being prepared it was called 'Girl Geek Dinner' ... can u believe that hehehe? But then the organizers changed their name because apparently 'Girl Geek' was copyrighted or something so since the night of the event was exactly one year after the first ECSWomen event we decided to celebrate its birthday.
I wasn't planning to go because I had to submit an assignment the very next day. But two hours before the dinner started Kate - the committee current president - called me to tell me that someone wasn't going anymore and that there was an extra ticket and asked me if I would go. My coursework wasn't going any further - I had two bugs which I couldn't fix and had decided earlier to submit it as-is so I said yes.
The room was lovely. My friends on the committee had prepared everything so nicely. There were balloons, birthday decorations, Christmas crackers, and of course a birthday cake.
There was a lady from accenture - our sponsor - who gave a talk about her career in accenture. She was lovely and more importantly not boring. Then it was time for dinner. It was a buffet dinner and having a hot meal was nice. Then it was desert time and we had Christmas pudding which was also nice. Finally, it was cake cutting time AND one of the ECS lecturers sang Happy Birthday to us hehehe. There was a debate on who should cut the cake so finally the lady from accenture was asked to do the honor of the cutting hehe. Then it was time to go home but we stayed for a while in a coffee shop in the same building chatting and having fun. I finally went home after wishing the committee members a nice vacation because we won't be seeing each others till after New Year's. I went back home and my flatmates started teasing me that I looked nice - which I enjoyed ;)

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