Monday, 1 December 2008

Last Weekend November 2008

This weekend was kinda 'interesting'. It started off with the screen of my laptop cracking on Friday.
On Saturday I went to London for the second time - don't envy me already; read this all the way through. During the whole week before that I was negotiating with my brother to come over to Southampton and bring me the rest of my winter clothes which he was nice enough to bring from Lebanon. When I went to London the first time, I took almost 70% of the clothes he got with him and left the really thick items for later. That was almost two months ago. I didn't have any time to go again and neither did my brother - and when one of us had time the other couldn't make it! Eventually we agreed that since he was already gonna be in London on Saturday because of some prior engagement then I can meet him there to get my stuff. So, I left home at 9:10 and walked to the bus interchange to take a bus to the train station. I arrived at the interchange at 9:25 - missing the bus by 5 minutes - damn. So, I waited 15 minutes for the next bus and got on it. The bus arrived at the station at 9:55 and I immediately queued to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, the queue was really slow and by the time it was my turn to buy a ticket it was 10:05 and I had missed the 10:00 train - damn again. So, I bought a ticket for the 10:30 train. I then got some coffee - ESSENTIAL (and as I am writing this I am thinking of getting some coffee as well hehehe) - and waited for the 10:30 train. The train trip took around 1hr25mins and I was in London Waterloo station at 11:55. I got off the train, met Tarek, took my bag from him, chatted with him for a few minutes and then we decided to check the schedules of the trains going back back to Southampton. There was one leaving at 12:10 so we decided I should take that train - and I did!!! The trip back to Southampton also took around 1hr30mins. I then took another bus to the interchange and walked from the interchange to the dorms. I was back in my dorm room by 2:00 PM - dizzy, nauseous, and tired!
I then had something to eat and met my friend for a course group study in the computer science lab. Luckily, the computer science lab is open in the weekends! We worked till the evening and then left.
Sunday, I woke up and went to the computer science lab to finish up working with my friend. We finished by lunch time and I was back in my room at 4:oo P.M. George then helped shop for a monitor online. We couldn't find any cheap ones :( but after a couple of hours we had narrowed our search to two used ones which we found on ebay and bid on them. We didn't win the bid on the first one; so we decided to wait for the second one. The bid on the second was gonna be over after 2 hrs so I decided to go do my laundry. I went to the laundry room and put my clothes in the washing machine then I went to have some tea with my friend while the 45 minutes time needed for the cycle passed by. Then I went to the laundry room and removed my clothes from the washing machine and put them in the tumble dryer. Then I went back to George's room and waited for the bid time to pass by and WE WON!!! We bought a 19'' monitor for £48 :) After that I used Google Earth to show him Lebanon. He thought it was very beautiful (who wouldn't :P) I even tagged my home, high school , uni, and grandpa's house. I also showed him the Cedars, the Bekaa valley, and some pictures of mountain villages. He was shocked to find out that Lebanon is green and that it snows there. He thought there was only a dessert! He was also very impressed by the fact that Beirut and Tripoli were directly on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.
After all that it was already 10 PM and I had forgotten all about my clothes in the tumble dryer hehehe. I ran back out to get my clothes, folded them, and tidied up my room. Then at 12 AM I decided to go to sleep but I went out to the kitchen and I saw Sheena and George talking. Sheena had been away in Sheffield for a Taekwondo competition during the past two days. We then chatted for a whole hour before deciding that it was time to go to sleep.
Btw, Sheena has a black belt in Taekwondo but she didn't win the competition. She has been playing Taekwondo for a few years now and she is very passionate about it. And, I think that it is cool living with someone who know how to kick ass hehehehe
AND, George thinks that Ossama bin Laden is Labanese and that he is hiding in Lebanon hehehehe I am not sure whether he was joking or not but he seemed rather convinced. I am still not sure I was able to convince him that Ossama bin Laden is Saudi and that he is 'supposedly' hiding in some cave in Afghanistan.

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